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Q: How is it possible to preserve fruits without adding any chemicals?

A: Chipmunk Crisps, Pieces and Powders are made according to the technology of Freeze Drying. This process helps to preserve fruit and prevent rotting by removing up to 98% of the water inside. Sealed mylar bags prevent moisture and air exchange which provides for extraordinarily long shelf life.

Q: Why do Chipmunk Crisps have a lighter texture than regular dehydrated fruits and their taste and color are the same as fresh fruit?

A: The main difference is in the process of how water is removed. During common dehydration (which we don’t use), fruits are heated up to remove the water. This process, however, depletes a significant amount of nutrients from the fruit due to the chemical reactions initiated by the increased temperature. In Freeze Dry technology it is the opposite. Fruits are initially frozen to preserve all nutrients, color and taste.  Next, pressure is decreased to transfer water from a solid state (ice) to a gas without melting. When water inside cells is frozen, it forms crystals which destroys the cell membranes and shortens the length of fibers, resulting in a light texture to the final product. Thus, Freeze Dried products preserves the nutritional content, color, taste and fiber of fresh fruit.  By contrast, regular dehydration and other types of preservation can significantly degrade the nutritional content and taste and change the color.

Q: Why do single serving bags of different fruits contain different volume of fruits?

A: Bags are filled according to mass, but not volume. Some fruits (e.g. strawberry) are very light so it takes more fruit to fill the bag, but some (e.g. banana) are very heavy and lower amount of fruit gets to the bag.

Q: Where can I buy Chipmunk crisps?

A: In retail stores such as Dan and Whits (Norwich, VT), VINS (Quechee, VT), Butcher Boy Market (Reading, MA), Calareso’s Farm Stand (N. Andover, MA) or cafeterias at Dartmouth (Hanover, NH), Poolside café (White River Junction, VT), NorthEastern Vermont Regional Hospital (St. Johnsbury, VT), KUA (Meriden, NH) or online through our

Q: Can I order multi-serving bags?

A: Yes. Upon request we can custom make any size bag you request.

Q: What is the place of origin of your products?

A: Currently most our products are imported from China. However some of them are from the USA. And also we are very proud to anounce that recently we have started our own manufacturing.

Q: Some consumers have concerns about food quality in China. How did you pick your supplier?

A: As in every country, in China there are different companies producing different products according to different standards. We value our consumers and care about their wellbeing. We picked the best supplier, who grows fruits itself, picks them in season and does not have to spray them with anything for transportation. Their facility is FDA approved and every single batch we receive has certificate of analysis.  

Q: When do you plan to start freeze drying locally grown fruits?

  1. Started in the middle of July 2014. We also offer custom freeze drying now.

Q: Do you have plans to produce organic freeze dried fruits?

A: Yes.

Q: What type of material can you use for the packaging line?

A: Any type of heat-sealable material.

Q: Can you fill bags with inert gas (such as Nitrogen) for us?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you use other types of packaging such as paper bags or stand up pouches for co-packing?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the current capacity of your food processing plant?

A: We can produce up to 2 milion bags/month.

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