Q: Is this produced in a facility with nuts?
A: Yes, We do use nuts in our facility.

Q: if I select the built my own option, where can I to select and tell you my list of flavors?
A: You e-mail us through “contact seller”

Q: How is it possible to preserve snacks without adding any chemicals?
A: Our snacks are made according to the technology of Freeze Drying. This process helps to preserve fruit and prevent rotting by removing up to 98% of the water inside. Sealed Mylar bags prevent moisture and air exchange, which provides for an extraordinarily long shelf life.

Q: Why do Chipmunk Crisps have a lighter texture than regular dehydrated fruits, and their taste and color are the same as fresh fruit?
A: The main difference is in the process of how water is removed. During common dehydration (which we don’t use), fruits are heated up to remove the water. This process, however, depletes a significant number of nutrients from the fruit due to the chemical reactions initiated by the increased temperature. In Freeze Dry technology, it is the opposite. Fruits are initially frozen to preserve all nutrients, color, and taste.  Next, pressure is decreased to transfer water from a solid state (ice) to a gas without melting. When water inside cells is frozen, it forms crystals which destroys the cell membranes and shortens the length of fibers, resulting in a light texture to the final product. Thus, Freeze Dried products preserve the nutritional content, color, taste, and fiber of fresh fruit.  By contrast, regular dehydration and other types of preservation can significantly degrade the nutritional content and taste and change the color.

Q: Can I order multi-serving bags?
A: Yes. Upon request, we can custom-make any size bag you request.

Q: Can you use other types of packaging such as paper bags or stand up pouches for co-packing?
A: Yes. Not for freeze-dried products, though.