Top Three Unusual Delicacies


Some of us can’t handle even the smell of shellfish, while others find simple foods such as mushrooms disgusting. Little do we understand that around the world, people are continually using things we would not even recognize as food. Different countries have their respective unusual dishes and some that may be worth trying one day.

But what about delicacies? Are there any unusual and perhaps even revolting desserts and sweets?

Let’s learn about a few of the world’s strangest delicacies and see what looks tasty and has a pleasant flavor.

Chocolate With Seaweed

Chocolate With Seaweed

It often happens that we have no time for following the release of various new products on our market. One trading company recently launched the production of a healthy seaweed chocolate bar. The sea vegetable has yet to become a pantry staple in American households, although seaweed is a nutritious vegetarian snack. This company is trying to make seaweed more available by combining it with gourmet chocolate.

The company specializes in harvesting wild sea vegetables from Northern California. The nori that is collected is then combined with cacao to produce a delicious seaweed chocolate bar. They worked with a long-time chocolatier to achieve the perfect balance between salty and sweet. The delightful vegan snack comes in three gourmet flavors, including several different characters. Each chocolate bar brings a different flavor profile, meaning there is a snack suited to fit a wide variety of favours.

Such type of chocolate is healthy thanks to the support of kelp. It is not only a natural source of iodine, which is good for thyroid health but also contains vitamins A and K, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, protein, vitamin B12 (rare in plants), omega-3s and much more. Studies show that seaweed helps restore hormonal balance, show good anti-inflammatory activity, reduce cholesterol and improve brain function, and help maintain digestion in good shape.

The seaweed snacks are not only delicious, but they are also a renewable food source. It means that consumers can enjoy the delicious seaweed chocolates and support a sustainable food system in the process.

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

Freeze-dried ice cream, also called “Astronaut Ice Cream,” is a type of delicious snack first developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for astronauts to eat in space. Freeze-dried ice cream is nearly light as air and dry to the touch, cannot melt, and does not require refrigeration or preparation, because it is completely dehydrated. It’s easy to eat by hand and won’t make a mess. Astronauts first used this freeze-dried ice cream on the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s, and it is still used on space flights today. It is also accessible in many science museum gift stores and similar novelty shops.

A purport of usage the unique technologies consists of following. Freeze drying transfers water from the ice cream by diminishing the air pressure to a point where ice sublimates from a solid to a gas.

To make freeze-dried ice cream, you should first understand, that real ice cream is made from scratch using local ingredients whenever we can. Then the ice cream is freeze-dried and shaped into bite-size pieces using unique technology. Freeze-dried ice cream is light, does not have to be refrigerated, is not perishable, melts in your mouth, and tastes like real ice cream. That’s why it could be sent to space for astronauts.

Deep-Fried Candies

Deep-Fried Candies

The idea of deep-frying sweets was born in Scotland when somebody was decided to fry a Mars. Since then the deep-fried delicacies were stood a popular snack in fast-food restaurants, and people even started to serve it with fried potatoes. You can cook this dish also at home, dipping in thin pastry and putting into deep-frying.

However, you shouldn’t forget that this type of candies is not so health-giving. As distinct from seaweed chocolate or freeze-dried ice cream, these sweets contain lots of fats by cooking in boiled butter. Because of the high content of fats, frequent usage of fatty food can lead to many diseases, including intestinal cancer. Seaweed, in turn, include many healthy substances, such as vitamins A and K, protein, vitamin B12 (rare in plants), omega-3s and much more. Of course, you can allow yourself to enjoy this unusual dessert, but don’t overdo it.