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Freeze Dry Inc. is the first company in Vermont to manufacture, package, and distribute freeze dried products. It was founded by a mom who wanted better snacks for her own kids.  Tired of the unhealthy snack options available, she set out to make a snack that would be nutritious, healthy and at the same time convenient, yummy and fun to eat. We take care of your well-being by providing healthy alternatives to the common snack. Our products are made from fresh fruits without adding any chemicals. It is 100% natural, tasty, healthy and easy to serve.

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Freeze Dry Inc.
52 Bridge St., White River Junction, VT, 05001

Our team

katerina.jpg (1999x2570) 

Sophia Stuart

Founder, Owner, President

Entrepreneur, previous founder and CEO of multiple National and International startups.

PhD in chemistry.

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Peter Kekalo



in all types of activities: production, accounting, strategy planning, etc.

Website administrator.


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Gregg Fairbrothers   



Professor at Tuck School of Business (entrepreneurship); founding Chair, DRTC;founding Director,

DEN. Founding President, Samson International, Ltd.; President, Samson Resources, Texaco, Inc. 

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Robert Howell



Prof. of Business Administration (Dartmouth

College) leading authority on corporate governance and financial measurement, analysis, reporting, and control practices.